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Review: The Magicians

*Contain spoilers !

The Magicians is an emotional roller coaster show that pushes audiences to re-evaluate their lives. Base on a same title novel, the show revolves around a group of students who posses magics and have to save their school from The Beast. The Magicians is a puzzle contains many incomplete puzzles which leaves us to two options:

  • List of potential pieces 

The Magicians does not hide the answers for your question, it offers more than one. Hence, to find the best answer, you need to do your research, dig through the past to find that perfect missing piece. Is it rewarding? It depends. Upon finding the real truth of his favorite book’s author, Quentin feels betrayed deeply. On the other hands, Alice find peace when she knows what happened to her brother. But what is truth? Do you compromise with truth? Will you stop believing the truth?

  • Leap of Faith

Faith and hope are dangerous weapons. Not because you cannot prove those experiences through numbers and equations. They are dangerous because you let yourself vulnerable. You cling on something that you don’t know if it will work. No one told you that God will kill all of your friends, and rape you if you summon him. Oh wait, it is not God. The trickster mimics God and lures you summon him. But how would you know when the experience so real? Would you blame yourself Juliet? The same way Quentin blame himself when you betray him?

Setting in a fantasy world, The Magician embraces realism. Each decision bears a consequence that excuses will not be enough. There is always a choice, but a choice that you can live with the rest of your life? And thanks to that, we feel connected. These characters might not make you feel utterly disgusting like Ramsay Bolton in Game of Throne or superior like Sherlock Holmes. They are normal human being that sometimes too dumb to not eat this carrot or so smart that they get their classmates killed. By the same token, I enjoyed watching our main protagonist, Quentin. He is not special. He is strong but cannot really control his power. He is nothing. The only thing really shines is his loyal love for Filory, and even that cannot save him. And yet, somehow, he is our main  character, when he doesn’t ask to be the one. Through Quentin, we see our struggle in life and might be we can find way to compromise with it.

No answer is a good answer. There is only a bearable one.