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Review My neighbor Totoro

My.Neighbor.Totoro.full.325264The first time I watched Studio Ghibli’s movie was a disaster. The plot was ambiguous. The idea was simple. The explanation was terrible. This wasn’t what I expected for a winning Academy Award movie. And yes, I’m talking about Spirited Away. I was so embarrassed since I suggested watching it.

I was wrong.

I believe cartoon/ anime has some qualities that adults can also enjoy. However, I made an awful mistake. No matter how we look anime/cartoon is mainly for children. To enjoy them, we should turn ourselves into children instead of setting adult standards for cartoon/ anime. I hadn’t realized this until My Neighbor Totoro.

My Neighbor Totoro was created by Hayao Miyazaki in 1988. The movie focus on two young girls and their relationship with Totoro (wind spirit.) The movie had not only brought prestigious to Hayao Miyazaki but also been a cultural impact in Japan. At the beginning of the movie, I like Satsuki and Mei right away. The way they ‘re jumping around, laughing, and screaming. Seeing how pure and innocent they are, I can’t help envying a little bit. But then, they make me smile; it has been a while since I felt this way. As the story continues, I wish they could remain cheerful as much as possible even though it’s an impossible request.

The way Mei first meet Totoro reminds me of Alice in Wonderland: all the trees, the hole then falling down, etc. Nevertheless, it is my favorite scene. I thought it’s adorable when Mei lay on a sleepy lazy Totoro. In my opinion, Totoro is a mixture of a fluffy bear and Cheshire Cat. He is unique character. Totoro possesses a child soul: big smile, pink cheeks, standing fur, and funny whiskers. If I were Satsuki and Mei, I would follow him everywhere I could.


For seventeen years old girl, watching My Neighbor Totoro was kind of late. But it was the best thing that ever happened to me that week. Remember to open your mind, then you will love it as much as I did.

Good luck!

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Review manga (I)

Well instead of doing one manga each time, I decide to introduce five manga for you guys this time.

1. Lovers Doll – Mishima KazuhikoMishima Kazuhiko

If you like Love Neko manga (same author), you definitely love this one. In fact, I love this one more than Love Neko. They have a same time frame though. All about the love between the owner and his doll. However, this plot is more unpredictable and touching. There is not much H scenes so it belongs to Shounen ai or Soft- Yaoi category.

Art: 7.5/10

Rate: 8/10

2. Yozora no Sumikko de – Hayakawa Nojikoerwqv6

I started to be crazy about Hayakawa through her Endou-kun no Kansatsu Nikki. Not much words or action, the plot sounds simple but strangely persuasive. Therefore, I usually get a warm feeling after reading her story. Back to our Yozora no Sumikko de, you will see her style in the first or two chapter and suddenly change to a different one. In contrast to Endou -kun no Kansatsu Nikki, Yozora no Sumikko de has a twist plot. Even though some people view Yozora no Sumikko de as a slow story, I think it has many things actually going on, plus I love the flash back of Hoshino’s memories. The characters are interesting and profound. Though it is  on- going, Yozora no Sumikko de has a lot of potential.

Art: 9/10

Rate: 8.5/10

3. Tear Drop – Asou Mitsuaki4452

I have been considering whether I should recommend this one or not. I love it. I like this author a lot, especially her drawing. However, like Sweet Bitter, I just like the first story, the rest is okay. Even though, I don’t say much on this one but I totally recommend it. I honestly think it is worth to read. And again, I really love her drawing. Seem like she conveys her message through the eyes, the lips, the hands of the character instead of the lines, the conversation. Properly, this is a style I like most out of five.

Art: 9.5/10

Rate: 8/10

4. Hatsukoi no Katei – Hidaka Shoko17090

Nishina meet the owner of the coffee shop and turn out to be his friend in high school – Miyama. But Miyama does not recognize Nishina. What had happened? Does Miyama really forget Nishina or there is a reason behind it. (Sometimes I want to review like this). Different from Hana wa Saku ka and Yuuutsu Na Asa, there was no age gap so the way they express their love is much more smoothly than those two. Nevertheless, there are many hallow in their  relationship that they have to mend it. Can they do it?

Art: 8/10

Rate: 8.5/10

5. Vassalord – Chrono Nanae (save the best for last ^^)vassalord-708730

This is about the twist love between the vampire, Johnny and the cyborg vampire, Charley (Johnny calls him Cherry). Technically this is not yaoi, it almost so I think it belong to soft- Yaoi. I love the plot of the story. It’s twist. It’s funny. It’s intriguing. I finish hold the volume in two days straight then read the raw in Chinese. Even though I don’t know any Chinese, but looking at the picture somehow satisfy my hunger for it. Totally recommend it!!!

Style: 8/10

Rate: 10/10 (We found a winner!)


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Review: No.6

Name: No.6

Note: No.6 originally starts at novel by Atsuko Asano from October 2003 to June 2011. A manga adaptions by Hinoki Kino and an anime TV series produced by Bones. My review will focus on an anime.

Geners: Josei, Novel, Sci- fic, Shounen.

Plot: The story take place in No.6, a perfect future city in 2013. Shion’s life changed rapidly after his destiny meeting with Nezumi when he helped Nezumi escaped. Years later, Shion sees Nezumi again. This time what kind of truth is waiting for him?

My opinion: I think the this should list into boy loves, at least shounen- ai because there are many hints SA: hold hands, kissing and their feeling for each other, etc. In my view, Shion’s head operates in very odd pattern. Maybe because of his lack of experiences, he remains pretty naive (he will change though). On the other hand, Nezumi is very phlegmatic and practical. Even though people view him as a cold fish, he actually has a warm heart. The story does not contain many climaxs, which makes me feel little bit disappointed. At the same time, I enjoy it a lot. Too much drama makes my head hurts. The feeling that Shion has for Nezumi and vice versa is very touching, especially at a final episode. The Bones did a good job on characters. You can see clearly the difference of their personalities (all the characters in the movie) as well as their perspectives. Not only about character, the story also mention the sacrifice, the friendship, the sympathy and the consequence of the actions. I love the OP and ED songs of the movie. If I had time, I would translate the song and update on here.

Range: I think this is pretty a serious movie, not suit for people who just simply look for something to entertain.

Point: 7.5/10

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Review: Boys next door

I always wonder why I am so attracted to Yuki Kaori’s manga. It started with a funny, magic Ludwig Kakumei then God Child, Can Saint and so on. I read all Yuki Kaori’s manga that I could find. Read and treasure them dearly, I fall in love with them. May be because of those sorrow eyes, may be because of the plot, the characters, many reasons for me to adore her manga, especially “Boys next door.”

A love story about a murder and a prostitute,


Suffer a trauma from childhood, Adrian has two personalities. On daylight, he is a sweet, gentle and patient schoolteacher but at night he is an insane serial killer: Blind Man. Lawrence runs away from home to search for his brother. He did found his brother but his brother has already died from inside.

Two miserable lives,

A wheel of fate stars to spin…

Witness Adrian kills his friend, instead of running away, Lawrence tries to approach Adrian.

“Tonight come to this place… I’ll only return it, if you come.”

What’s Lawrence’s motive? What does he want from Adrian?


“I know what people like you want! Take it! This is all money I have. Is it enough?”

Sad look,

Those sorrow eyes,

“Take me away from this place. I want to be free.”


As for Adrian, he keeps telling himself to stay away from Lawrence or else he will fall into his trap.

“Run faster! I have to get away from him.”

“Those eyes frighten me. The only thing to do is kill him… Yes, I have to kill him.”

But, Adrian can’t

“Why am I still talking to him? I must kill this boy!”

It is too late; Adrian has already been enchanted by Lawrence.

What’s love? Does love really exist or is it just a concept, an illusion created by man so he can survive through this life?

I don’t know. I keep asking myself this question but I can’t find out the answer. Honestly, what’s love?

But I know a boy who is willing to be killed by his lover.

“I have to kill you,”

“No problem, kill me! But only after kill me, eat my dead body.”

“Cook me,

For a day and night,

Make me into stew….

Afterward, suck my bone clean.

When my entire body has been eaten by you,

I can finally become your blood and flesh.


I’ll entirely belong to you….”

What do you think? Crazy, sick, disgusting or pathetic? It is a True Love. Insane, crazy, creepy but beautiful, at least to me it is.

Your nightmares, Adrian, you always wake up in the middle of night because of that past.

“Who are you killing? Your mother? Young boy who sell their body? Or is it yourself?”

“No matter how I crawl, struggle. I can’t crawl out. It’s no use.”

“It’s enough. You don’t have to kill anymore. You have been forgiveness. So, forgive yourself!”

Because Lawrence, he knows you, Adrian, in your heart, you are indeed a good person.

“Now, I don’t have to kill myself again… I’m like a newborn baby, crying in his arm.”

That night, Adrian does not wake up until the morning. He sleeps soundly for the first time beside Lawrence.

But this life is not a fairy story. There is nothing like “happy ever after” exists, this is a reality.

“You were always a slow child. Did you think you could live a normal live!? Let me show you now… that you’ll never be able to escape my grasp.”

Again, those sad eyes…

“Lawrence!  You haven’t contacted me for past two weeks. Do you have idea how worried I was? What happened to your face? Did someone hit you?”

“Those matter… You have no need to know. Goodbye, I had a lot of fun in this lover game. I am leaving L.A to live with my brother.”

“I don’t need you anymore! Let me finish you off!”

Life is a comedy and yet a tragedy.

“I don’t want you anymore, Adrian.”

There is no balloon for you because you are a child nobody wants.

Those nightmares have come back.

“The promise… You finally … save me. You give me freedom again….”

The letter,

The bullet case,


Everything is empty

“Return him! My Lawrence! Let go!”

Hey Adrian, why do people have to be apart? Why Adrian? Why? 140 years in jail, so what? Without Lawrence in this life nothing is matter anymore, right Adrian?

“Hey Adrian,

Let me belong only to you!

Blood and skin,

Even my heart….

All of these belong to you.

They belong to you.”

“Because Lawrence’s smile very brightly. The dazzling image of his, burns deeply in my heart.”

“Adrian, do you love me?”

“I love you.”

Because we are animal. We are all hungry.

For freedom, for forgiveness, for love.

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Kimi to Boku

Name: Kimi to Boku (You and I)

Author: Hotta Kiichi

Genre(s):Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shounen, Slice Of Life

Note: This review mostly talk about anime because I watch anime first and read the manga later.

Story line: About 4 high school boys who have been together since kindergarden and now in high school.

My first impression: I laugh a lot. It does not really stand out but it’s not lame like those usual school life’s stories. You know, finding your true love and stuffs like that. It’s odd but somehow you still can see yourself in there. It means things in there actually happen in REAL LIFE. Always end in very unexpected way and yet still attracted me (maybe I’m easy to get caught into any anime…) There is no actions and the plot is slow. I read a lot bad reviews about Kimi to Boku because of this. However, I still think this anime is worth to watch.

Secondly, Cats. I love cats and there are many cats in there. The funny thing is they are all fit into what is going on. I am crazy about them. Cats, cats ^^.

You cannot believe that they are actually friends at first. They don’t seem to get along very well. But if you take notice, you will see they are perfectly to each other. My favorite character is Yuta. He is unique. I love all of his personalities. He is one of the reasons why I keep watching Kimi to Boku, too. Later, I start to love all of them though.

The narrator changes each episode. I love this part. I’m tired to see just one main character thinks and judes for the rest characters. In addition, you feel like you know them better after each episode and sometimes be surprise about who they really are. They are not just the characters on the paper. They are humans who actually live their lives to find out who they are. And they may stuck into some troubles that we may stuck into,too. They are not gonna tell you what to do but at least, you feel much better when you know you are not the only one who are freaking out.

Like what I said before, the story line is simple. You may feel it’s wasting time to watch this crap but hidden behind all these ridiculous stories are something meaningful. Sometimes, there’s nothing hidden. It’s just show how they help each other get back on their feet and that’s what I love about it. Not too much drama, sentimental but you can still move from these stories.

Overall: 8/10

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The Cornered Mouse Dreams Of Cheese ; The Carp on the Chopping Block Jumps Twice


For some reasons, I always admire people who can say what they think. That’s why I was so surprised when I heard Imagage said: “Fuck me” to Kyouichi as the same time I realized how much he in love with Kyouichi. Imagage was hopeless in love with Kyouichi. I was suddenly sad whenever I think about it.

“I’ll always love you until I die,”

“I know,”


Everything has two faces. One good and one bad. Imagage loved Kyouichi so much that he always felt insecure, always wanted to monopolize Kyouichi. It wasn’t like Kyouichi didn’t give any effort in their relationship. Somehow, it just went wrong.

“We have come to the dead end. Let’s end it already.”

“Is this my fault that you’re so mess up? I thought I did my best to care for you,”

It’s funny because Kyouichi was similar to Imagege a lot. It wasn’t just Imagage, Kyouichi was super jealous, too. And I think every couple is just like that. They are always a same. Support and make up for their weaknesses. But it’s still funny to imagine that I have another me waiting for me somewhere in this world.

“You’ve got to be kidding…! There is no way in hell I’m kissing a guy with a boyfriend. Break up with him!!”

“Break up with him!!”

“Break up with him… right here! Right now!”

First is denying then running, begging, yelling, hurting, crying and suffering. What’s more? What did Kyouichi had to do to keep Imagage beside him?

“I thought love was suppose to make you happy.”

“Is this love? Really?”

“You always hurt me by your selfish reasons,”

Then Imagage freak out when Kyouichi became serious.

“Cut it out. You moron! You aren’t interested in working things out with me?!”

“I’m so tired. Life is so long. What I’m going to do now?”

Why they loved each other so much and yet they were apart?

“There are more important things in life… than the struggles of love. We’re… too old for this now,”

And then without any promise, they just hold on to the hope.

“Let me see… I’ll buy you a ring. There’s no saying what’ll happen next, but… It’ll be some kind of proof of how much I love you.”

“Are things in life so easily broken? It doesn’t matter.”

“You’ll probably throw me out eventually. Sooner or later, you’ll worn out and leave me for real…”

“That’s okay, I’ll watch you leave…

…. Knowing our loves has died. Since that all, I can do.”