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Russian Roulette

People general raise an eyebrow when their partner is crazy about guns. Well, I don’t mind at all. Since he is the one I chose, I know him that he won’t hurt me. My life is not threaten, at least not from him. I can smell the lubricate. I can feel the weight of the gun. I can hear the mechanic sound when I pull the trigger. Not like knife, gun is a different creature. A knife captures you right when you set the eyes on it as if it has belonged to you. A gun only show its nature when you pull the trigger. If not, it is just a fancy toy. Such a toy that I play Russian Roulette with even though it is not loaded. Wandering between dream and realty, sometimes I wonder if I actually play Russian Roulette. What if I did? Who would I drag through this hell?

Freedom is not free. What price am I willing to pay for this freedom?