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I know

I have been a burden.

I have been a weakling.

I have hided under your shadow.

I have blamed the faults on everything.

I failed because I didn’t fight.

I let you fight alone…

“Prayers won’t change anything
Only the resolve to fight can change the here and now”

                                                   ____ Feuerroter Pfeil und Bogen, Attack on Titan ____

I might not have superpower to wipe down enemies.

I might not have a sharpest mind to plot the strategy.


I will fight.

As long as I am still breathing,

I will fight

for both of us.

As long as I can stand and move,

I will fight.

As long as you are here with me,

I will fight.

“If you win, you live.

If you lose, you die.

If you don’t fight, you can’t win!” – Eren Yaeger, Attack on Titan.



Don’t stop fighting.



Linh hồn trong thế giới ngược

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