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Reflection of Hecuba

Humanity will lost when books disappear. When no one bother to record their experience to the next generation. When no one is brave enough to let their emotions overflow the pages. Through course of lives, people lost themselves. But who can blame them?

This story is not about a woman who loses her mind after she loses everything (royal status, family, and home) nor a feminine heroic. Hecuba is simply a queen, wife, mother who demands justice, but laws has fallen along Troy’s walls. Hence, she finds the just through her course of action. Please don’t misunderstand, I have no intention to take her murder lightly, especially when she let Polymestor alive so he can feel the pain she is suffering. In this play, death is an escape. Dying means you are no longer feel pain, humiliation, or anger. Thus, Hecuba let Polymestor alive so he is a walking dead, just like her.

If I was Hecuba, I would never kill Polymestor since I don’t have the power to give out judgement. Her revenge benefits for her; thus, the blood stains on her hands. No matter what she gives up to the Devil like a rock rolls down a hill. She cannot raise from this swamp. Hecuba knows she will pay for this.

“I see that no one alive, no one is free.” (Hecuba, 920) Once I dreamt to become a bird, soaring through the sky and be free. Humans are tight with obligation, greed, desired. In the end, humans hurt their own kind. Blood pay by blood, the vicious circle never ends.

Until when humans stop hurting each other?



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