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A place called home


I cry out loud.

Why? The image is so clear and yet I cannot explain it.

The place I want to be.

The place I have been searching for,

My home.


When I am cooking the breakfast,

you wil embrace me from the behind.

I smile and give you a kiss.

The smell of your hair,

I close my eyes and take a deep breath.



My home,

The place that I truly belong to,

where I can express myself without worrying about being hurt.

My home will not always be filled with happiness.

We might fight a lot but

I will not be afraid

Because you are my soul mate.


But, why I am the only one tie this red thread?

Where is the other end?

I felt you, my soul mate

but not anymore.

Like you have already gone,

I cannot sense you anymore.

The warmth from the embrace you give me…

has disappeared.


Am I dreaming?

Dreaming about my soul mate had die before we meet each other?



I am so lost. Searching for the place called home but I cannot find it.

Feeling lonely, I want to hug someone but

there is no one to hug.

Even if I hug someone, I feel nothing.

Those hugs carry no weight.




The place called home,

where are you?





Linh hồn trong thế giới ngược

4 thoughts on “A place called home

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yup, English is not my first language, but I love to write both in my language and English. It feels very nice to express my feeling through words.

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