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Our voices were not heard

It was a mixture of all types of feeling.

Happiness, loneliness, homesickness, tiredness, and self – destruction.

It was a series of actions,

Taking place on a bus going back and forth between two schools.


Sitting on the third row to the right,

Holding a cell phone, a girl sang some meaningless songs.

People neither understood the sound she made nor cared about her.


Sitting on the second row to the left,

Gripping on her orange ipad, and listening to “Home” by Michael Buble,

She moved her mouth, but no sound came out.

Tears were falling down from her cheek.

A silent cry.


Sitting on the fifth row to the left,

Placing the backpack on the other seat,

She did not feel like to have anyone sitting beside her today.

Putting on the yellow headphone,

The soft melodies brought comfort to her.

She tried to sing out loud even though her voice sounded hoarse and out of tune.

When she opened my eyes, the bus almost reached the destination.

Her shoulders suddenly felt heavy, and she craved for a nap.


Sitting on the first row to the right,

Talking non stop to an acquaintance,

She struggled to continue this dull conversation.

There was no other choice, she needed

to hear her voice so then she knew

she still exist.


Sitting on the last row to the left,

Looking aimlessly,

She was worn out.

The music sounded horrible. People were too noisy.

Her face wore no expression,

Her eyes said nothing.


There is no bus today.

So she is staying at her room.

Looking at people leaving from day to day.

Sadness swells inside her heart but,

no tears come out.

She starts to sing every song that she knows,

and again.


She cannot sing anymore.


Her voice is beautiful,

but no one knows about it

in the past and future

because her voice has been lost since that day.



Linh hồn trong thế giới ngược

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