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Why? Why do I have this feeling again?

What have I done?

Why do I always I mess everything up? All the efforts I have put on, why did it turn out like what I want? Why it has to be like that?

I can’t. I can’t anymore.

It’s killing me. The people, the lesson, the voice, the smell. I’m killing myself. \

Tired. What have I done?

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Step up

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Fall down

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Help me! Please help me!

I heard a little child inside me called for help. A little hopeless girl. Tell me, how did you become like this?

Please, don’t sad anymore.

Please, don’t cry anymore.

I cannot bear it anymore.

Why? Why does everything I had built up is distorted in front of my face?

Hurt. It hurts too much. I cannot help but crying. I cannot help but running away.


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