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Cut (II)


It is funny to write about this when the cuts are no longer there. Touching my left wrist over and over, it looks completely perfect to me. Smoothly, no scars, no pain, no smell, it’s a normal left wrist.

People say, “It’s a power of youth that your skin reborn.”

People say, “It’s a power of time that heals your scars.”

People say, “It’s power of pain that you grow up.”

People say, “It’s power of determination that you move forward.”

People say, “It’s power of love that keeps you alive.”

It’s not people’s fault to say what they believe whether they are right or wrong.

It’s my fault to believe in what they said.

Those scars can be healed from time to time, but they never disappear.

New cut overlap the old one, I have scars throughout my body.

They never disappear even though I cannot see them.

People cannot see them.

No one can see them.

But ,they exist.



Linh hồn trong thế giới ngược

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