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Under the blanket

You came to the bed, and sought for comfort. You temporarily escaped from your reality. Your class, your friends, your work, and all the crazy things you keep pinning on your schedule didn’t matter to you anymore. Two pillows: one big and one small, two blankets: one with flowers and one with cats are what you cared about. Don’t forget to set alarm, you didn’t want to oversleep, and went to bed with an empty stomach tonight.

You wore shorts, long socks, and a big sweater. Lying on the bed, the light became blurry. You drifted off gradually.


You dreamt nothing.

Then the light came in just blurry like the way you last saw it. You turn to the right, then to the left. Your hands looked for your phone while your eyes still closed. Finally opening your eyes, realizing how late is was, you wondered why your alarm didn’t work. Your roommate got up from her couch. With her messy hair and her sleepy face, she said something. You replied something then she left the room. You were still lying on your comfortable bed. You had no intention to get up.


Then, noise came up. You heard your roommate’s laugh through the door, plus a million noises out there. You started to amaze how you can block these noise until a second ago. You heard someone calling for your roommate. You recognized he was leader of her group. You hoped to hear your name call. It didn’t need to be your group leader. Anyone was okay. You just wanted to hear your name call. You just wanted to know someone was looking for you.


No one called.

The light became blurry once again. You craved for sleeping again. Sleep to forget this loneliness. Sleep to laugh at time. Sleep to warm your heart. Sleep so that you don’t see your tear.


A pool of loneliness.
A deep dark well.
You drown in despair.
You stuck down there.


So, you shrink yourself as much as you can. Hope tomorrow never came. Hope today was the last day of your life.

It wasn’t dream, and you were still alive.


You finally got out of your bed. Putting on some fine clothes, you wore a big smile, took a look at your bed, opened a door and walked out.


And life goes on.



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