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Please remember me!

Remember me is the area where I share things that I don’t want to forget. It could be a quote, a paragraph from a book. It could be everything. Sometimes, I will just share and let you guys say your opinions. Sometimes, I will actually write my feeling out. Sometimes, it’s just pure from my feeling at the moment. Whatever the case, I welcome your comments. 

  A thought suddenly occurred to me.”Have you ever heard your own laughter and cries?”

Helena nodded sadly.”Many times.”

“Many times?” I asked in surprise.

She smiled, “Well, I had the great privilege of being loved by many people. The more people who love you, the more people you have out there to lose memories of you. Don’t make that face, Sandy. It’s not as desperate as it sounds. People don’t intend to lose memories. Although there are always some things that we would rather forget.” She winked. “It could be that the real sound of my laughter has been replaced by a new memory, or that, when a few months after I went missing my scent left my bedroom and my clothes, the scent they tried so hard to remember was altered. I’m sure the image I have of my own mother’s face is very different from how she actually looked but, forty years on and no reminder, how is my mind to know, exactly? you can’t hold o to all things forever, no matter how hard you grip them.”

________Cecelia, Ahern.  There’s No Place Like Here____




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