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10 lines

Catcher in the rye was the first,

I became depress after I read.


Chocolate War was not bad.

“Do I dare to disturb universe?”

I asked myself the same question many times.


The Little Prince, my childhood book,

Cannot remember how many times

I have read. Sheep, rose, little prince, pilot,

And snake. I cry whenever you fall.


Goodbye Tsugumi, I have never

Met anyone like you. Knowing that you have

Never existed. But I still love you the most.

You brought me to tears. From laughing and

Crying. I love you, Tsugumi.


A wild sleep chase, I hate you the most

Such a weird book. If I hadn’t met Tsugumi, I would

Have never read Japanese book again.

Chasing after something you cannot tell.

Talking with people who are not real.

Are you real?


To Kill A Mocking Bird,

Memories are sweet. I still remember

When you gave me this book. So lovely,

I was so embarrassed. I was so happy.

Finishing it overnight,

I couldn’t wait. Telling you about

The story.


The Solitude of The Prime Numbers,

Are prime numbers lonely? You asked.

I couldn’t answer so I read

About the solitude,

About the loneliness, rejection,

About the pain, the distance, the prime numbers,

About the fence stood between us.

Are prime numbers lonely?


Kira Kira or Twinkle Twinkle, I

Love both names. You were so enchanting.

Flowing gently, softly, I was

Attracted to you. I couldn’t help it. So many things

To say but then there was none.

No pain, no sorrow, no tear.

Just a flow. You lead me away from

Everything. Open up for me. Close up for me.

Kira Kira. Kira Kira.


Norwegian Wood, I never seen

Myself in you so much like this

Before. I was in you every time I looked

At you. Every word, every lines, every pages,

Every you. I was in there. You were me.

I was you. Keep reading,

We became one. Naoki is crying

Reiko is desperate. What are you doing,

Toru? I was you. You were me. At last,

I lost myself.



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