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Time zone

3:11 PM Tokyo,

I always wonder how Tokyo looks like,

Be precise is how Japan looks like.

How many cherry blossom trees are there?

How many shines?

How many people?

How many?

I always wonder when I would come to Japan,

Do you think I can come?


1:56 AM Pittsburgh,

I am tired,

I am worried,

I am sad.

Sitting here, in front of

My computer, my fingers tapping on

The keyboard.

Writing poems.

Tapping on the keyboard,

My fingers



12:57 PM Ho Chi Minh City,

I want to go back,

Go back to my home.

I miss my cat,

Craving for hugging

And sleeping with her.

I miss my friend.

I miss everything.

Where is my home?

Can you tell me?


12: 57 PM Ha Noi,

I save this for the last since

I write this for you.

Preventing us is not just distance.


I know,

The distance is huge.

I wish I could fly then I don’t need

The airplane

To come to you.

I know,

You are crying but please,

Don’t cry. I don’t know when

But soon,

We will share a same time zone.

Cannot promise,

But soon, we will.




Linh hồn trong thế giới ngược

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