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The blue monster

There’s a big blue monster lives among humans.

It has head, arms, legs like humans,

But it’s different.

It’s a disgusting monster.

Every where the monster settles,

The place will turn blue.

Old marriage couple breaks up,

People fight, people die, people suffer

All because of the ugly blue monster.

People despise blue monster.

Blue monster despises itself.



Blue monster lives among humans,

But it isn’t a human.

No matter how much it dresses up

It still doesn’t look like humans.

Clothes cannot hide,

Words cannot cover,


Most terribly,

If it tried to help any man,

He will face misfortunes.

Hatred builds up hatred

People abhor blue monster,

It abhors itself.


Deciding to end humans’ miseries,No.6.full.1346307

Blue monster drowns itself.

Jumping from the high cliff,

The blue monster drowns



To the bottom of ocean.


The ocean is marvelously blue,

The sky is brightly blue,

But there is no more blue in humans.

As they continue to live on

No one remembers about

The blue monster





Linh hồn trong thế giới ngược

2 thoughts on “The blue monster

    1. I think because it didn’t belong to that place. No matter how much it tried to fit in, it still stood out. The blue monster is just the metaphor for the rejection, loneliness.
      I wonder if the blue monster died though. You can say that. I refer that it went to somewhere like become a part of the ocean or the sky (because those still has blue) but not humans.

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