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I cannot sleep. At first, I should sleep but then keep thinking about all of my fears. I cannot sleep anymore. I wander in my fantasy world. Imagining many things and crying once a in while.

Now, I cannot sleep.

My body was so tired. As if it told me better to sleep, I can feel an ache in the muscle. My mind was exhausted. I was worn out.

But I cannot sleep.

Should I stay awake when people sleep?

I have a lot things to do tomorrow by myself.


No one would accept any excuse.

I’m tired.

Even I scare, I am not gonna blind.

I will still see color.

I am not gonna be yazuka’s wife.

All of my fantasy,

All of my fear,

It will never gonna happen.

I know.

I’ll just be like them.

LIve boring.

Grow up and die.

I’m tired.

Don’t think anymore.

Just follow the flow.

Just let it be

Just let it go

Don’t think anymore

Close your eyes.

Let it go



Linh hồn trong thế giới ngược

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