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Can we start all over again?

“Can we start all over again?”
It’s such a good question, ask right the main point
Can we start all over again?
Have you ever asked yourself and my mom the same question, Dad?
Have you two wished that I wouldn’t have been born in this life?
I do.
I do wish.
I do regret my existence.
Can we start all over again?
This time, all the fault might be fixed. You could leave me. I wouldn’t prevent anything.
Grandpa, you dont know how much I regret the action you compliment “sensible”. It’s such a joke, so funny that I almost laugh out loud. What a stupid silly pitiful girl!
Or maybe I would be happier. No friend. No tear. No laugh. No master. No servant. Nothing.
How peaceful that world would be, only me and the mirror
I’m really tired.
This body is young but the soul inside is as old as those dead trees after the fire.
Please, if God is there above, put a stop to this living. I want to serve you more than anyone around me now, even myself
Opening my eyes everyday and keeping head held high are becoming more and more difficult
Please, I beg you. Let me come back beside you

Can’t we start all over again?



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