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Hey sister,

Hey sister,

If something happened and I died, what would you remember about me?

My voice, my tears, my eyes, my food?

Hey sister,

What would you remember?

Our fights, our miseries, our pains?

Hey sister,

Will you remember that …

Instead of enjoying your hard work money, you had to spend it on me?

Instead of this space belong to you guys, I invaded it?

Instead of enjoying your life, you now chained by the word “responsibility”?

A13Hey sister,

If I died, would you regret…

That you slammed the door without saying anything?

That you blamed all the faults on me?

That you believed all the miseries you have because of me?

That you didn’t listen to what I said?

That you weren’t here with me when I needed you?

Will you care?

You know it. In bottom of your heart, it was wrong, but you didn’t choose me.

I… have such small impact on you, don’t I?

You have been always believed that.

You do.

Hey sister,tumblr_lxqqy9eATQ1qh2nseo1_500_large

Does it even matter if you remember or regret?

Since you will soon moving on.

You will have family, children, and a successful career.

You will grow older and older…

But I will always be 17 forever.

I will always be the child who broke down and cried when you slammed that door and left me behind.

I will always be the child who have admired you since I started to know how to talk.

I will always be the child who tried to get your attention. So one day, you can recognize I am here beside you.

145152550bf52097ac2aHey sister,

Will you care?

Memories will  fade.

Guilt will erode.

What’s the point of remembering and regretting?

Since time will heal everything, you will forget me sooner or later.

Hey sister,

If I died, this world would still move as if nothing had happened.

And so would you. Am I right?




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