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An Unforgettable Dream

It was an unforgettable dream.

  The first thing I saw was you sleeping soundly next to me like a child. I closed my eyes and snuggled up to your arm like a small kitten. Feeling the warmth from your body, feeling the softness of your skin, I felt contented. I opened my eyes but you were gone. Panic, I sat up, got out of the bed, walked around the house, looked for you but you were nowhere to be found.  I went back to the bed. The side of your bed was still warm. I lay down, closed my eyes and here you were smiling at me.

It was an unforgettable dream.

I was humming the tune of our favorite song while I was cooking. Surprising me, you picked me up and spun me around. Startle, I tried to squirm free and broke a plate. I scolded you severely since I was holding a knife; I could stab you anytime. I turned around and you disappeared. I was in the kitchen alone. Exhausted, I squatted down and cried. The next thing I knew was darkness.

I woke up and found myself on the kitchen floor. How long had I blacked out? My face was still wet and so was my hand. Somehow, I cut myself and I couldn’t explain why. I leant on the wall and breathed heavily. Feeling better, I stood up, went to the bathroom, and sought for some band-aids. Remember something, I ran back to the kitchen. The broken plate was gone. I ran around the house and called your name, searching every corner of the house: closet, under bed, bathtub, where could you be?

It was an unforgettable dream.

I stood in front of our closet in our room. Ah, your clothes were gone. Your workroom was empty. Then why did the smell of your cigarette still fill the air? Why could I still hear your voice? And why was the side of your bed still…warm?

Have I gone mad?

Was it my fault because I didn’t keep you from leaving?

Was it my fault because I pushed you away?

Was it my fault because I was not honest to myself?

Was it my fault that your mother broke down and begged me to leave you?

Was it my fault from the beginning to have this relationship with you?

Was it my fault since I fell in love with you?

I had told myself millions times that it was fine if one day, you were tired of me and threw me away.

It wasn’t fine.

I was not fine. Not at all…

I looked at the calendar. How many days since the last time I went out? It didn’t matter anymore because I would go out today. Today was a special day. Today was your special day. I turned on the cell phone, heard my colleague nagging for my absence.

“Where the hell have you been, Hana?” he said.

“I’m sick,” I said.

“Yes, whatever. Come here quickly. You are lucky that the young master doesn’t fire you.”


“Hey, do you hear me? Come or else you really get fired and it is no joke. We are short-staffed. Today is a big day for young…”

“I’m going. Put me on the shift.”

It felt like years since we last met. You looked fine. Standing next to your bride, you looked handsome more than ever. And of course, she was radiant beside you. She was a fine lady. The one who suited you the best.

“A perfect couple,” as people said.

I bended down and gave you the blessing. You bended down and kissed my forehead as a thank you. And that was our last kiss.

It was an unforgettable dream.

I turned the resignation letter on the next day. I packed all the stuff and was ready to move.

“It was an unforgettable dream, Harry. The life you gave to me. The memories, the dream we treasured. It was a sweet dream, Harry. I lived with it and sank in it, but it was time for me to wake up from the dream. This house was filled with our dream so I  gave you back the key of our dream.

Thank you for everything, Harry.

Thank you for your unforgettable dream.”



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