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Review: No.6

Name: No.6

Note: No.6 originally starts at novel by Atsuko Asano from October 2003 to June 2011. A manga adaptions by Hinoki Kino and an anime TV series produced by Bones. My review will focus on an anime.

Geners: Josei, Novel, Sci- fic, Shounen.

Plot: The story take place in No.6, a perfect future city in 2013. Shion’s life changed rapidly after his destiny meeting with Nezumi when he helped Nezumi escaped. Years later, Shion sees Nezumi again. This time what kind of truth is waiting for him?

My opinion: I think the this should list into boy loves, at least shounen- ai because there are many hints SA: hold hands, kissing and their feeling for each other, etc. In my view, Shion’s head operates in very odd pattern. Maybe because of his lack of experiences, he remains pretty naive (he will change though). On the other hand, Nezumi is very phlegmatic and practical. Even though people view him as a cold fish, he actually has a warm heart. The story does not contain many climaxs, which makes me feel little bit disappointed. At the same time, I enjoy it a lot. Too much drama makes my head hurts. The feeling that Shion has for Nezumi and vice versa is very touching, especially at a final episode. The Bones did a good job on characters. You can see clearly the difference of their personalities (all the characters in the movie) as well as their perspectives. Not only about character, the story also mention the sacrifice, the friendship, the sympathy and the consequence of the actions. I love the OP and ED songs of the movie. If I had time, I would translate the song and update on here.

Range: I think this is pretty a serious movie, not suit for people who just simply look for something to entertain.

Point: 7.5/10



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