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Review: Boys next door

I always wonder why I am so attracted to Yuki Kaori’s manga. It started with a funny, magic Ludwig Kakumei then God Child, Can Saint and so on. I read all Yuki Kaori’s manga that I could find. Read and treasure them dearly, I fall in love with them. May be because of those sorrow eyes, may be because of the plot, the characters, many reasons for me to adore her manga, especially “Boys next door.”

A love story about a murder and a prostitute,


Suffer a trauma from childhood, Adrian has two personalities. On daylight, he is a sweet, gentle and patient schoolteacher but at night he is an insane serial killer: Blind Man. Lawrence runs away from home to search for his brother. He did found his brother but his brother has already died from inside.

Two miserable lives,

A wheel of fate stars to spin…

Witness Adrian kills his friend, instead of running away, Lawrence tries to approach Adrian.

“Tonight come to this place… I’ll only return it, if you come.”

What’s Lawrence’s motive? What does he want from Adrian?


“I know what people like you want! Take it! This is all money I have. Is it enough?”

Sad look,

Those sorrow eyes,

“Take me away from this place. I want to be free.”


As for Adrian, he keeps telling himself to stay away from Lawrence or else he will fall into his trap.

“Run faster! I have to get away from him.”

“Those eyes frighten me. The only thing to do is kill him… Yes, I have to kill him.”

But, Adrian can’t

“Why am I still talking to him? I must kill this boy!”

It is too late; Adrian has already been enchanted by Lawrence.

What’s love? Does love really exist or is it just a concept, an illusion created by man so he can survive through this life?

I don’t know. I keep asking myself this question but I can’t find out the answer. Honestly, what’s love?

But I know a boy who is willing to be killed by his lover.

“I have to kill you,”

“No problem, kill me! But only after kill me, eat my dead body.”

“Cook me,

For a day and night,

Make me into stew….

Afterward, suck my bone clean.

When my entire body has been eaten by you,

I can finally become your blood and flesh.


I’ll entirely belong to you….”

What do you think? Crazy, sick, disgusting or pathetic? It is a True Love. Insane, crazy, creepy but beautiful, at least to me it is.

Your nightmares, Adrian, you always wake up in the middle of night because of that past.

“Who are you killing? Your mother? Young boy who sell their body? Or is it yourself?”

“No matter how I crawl, struggle. I can’t crawl out. It’s no use.”

“It’s enough. You don’t have to kill anymore. You have been forgiveness. So, forgive yourself!”

Because Lawrence, he knows you, Adrian, in your heart, you are indeed a good person.

“Now, I don’t have to kill myself again… I’m like a newborn baby, crying in his arm.”

That night, Adrian does not wake up until the morning. He sleeps soundly for the first time beside Lawrence.

But this life is not a fairy story. There is nothing like “happy ever after” exists, this is a reality.

“You were always a slow child. Did you think you could live a normal live!? Let me show you now… that you’ll never be able to escape my grasp.”

Again, those sad eyes…

“Lawrence!  You haven’t contacted me for past two weeks. Do you have idea how worried I was? What happened to your face? Did someone hit you?”

“Those matter… You have no need to know. Goodbye, I had a lot of fun in this lover game. I am leaving L.A to live with my brother.”

“I don’t need you anymore! Let me finish you off!”

Life is a comedy and yet a tragedy.

“I don’t want you anymore, Adrian.”

There is no balloon for you because you are a child nobody wants.

Those nightmares have come back.

“The promise… You finally … save me. You give me freedom again….”

The letter,

The bullet case,


Everything is empty

“Return him! My Lawrence! Let go!”

Hey Adrian, why do people have to be apart? Why Adrian? Why? 140 years in jail, so what? Without Lawrence in this life nothing is matter anymore, right Adrian?

“Hey Adrian,

Let me belong only to you!

Blood and skin,

Even my heart….

All of these belong to you.

They belong to you.”

“Because Lawrence’s smile very brightly. The dazzling image of his, burns deeply in my heart.”

“Adrian, do you love me?”

“I love you.”

Because we are animal. We are all hungry.

For freedom, for forgiveness, for love.



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4 thoughts on “Review: Boys next door

  1. To me, not only “Boys next door” but also all the mangas of Kaori Yuki are dark but incredibly beautiful. Thank you so much for writing this article.

      1. Two of my favourite authors are Clamp and Kaori Yuki. I found them having something in common. They both write about happiness in a strange way that people will consider it weird and insane. However, I still love their stories really much.

  2. I’m not really sure about Clamp. Don’t get me wrong. Their stories usually start out very interesting, but I feel they always struggle to end the story after a while. So it leaves an dissatisfied feeling for the reader. They still very awesome.

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