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Dear myself,

Dear myself, you’re utterly worthless person.

How can someone like you exist in this world? Treasure other people wish than yourself? Trying hard to please other people? What’s wrong with you?

Ah, yeah,

You’re low self-esteem,

Is that the reason you care about other people than yourself?

Are you out of your mind?

Have they ever notice your existence, your help?

You’re the pain in the neck for them.

They always leave you alone and you care for them?

Cannot believing.

No one will take care of you

So please, worry about yourself first. You’re stupid.

Why you have to be so scare about them?

Listen carefully myself,

I want to succeed in life, too

I want to get out of my sisters shadows,

I want them to regret looking down on me,

I want to be myself,

That’s why stop wasting your time,

I’m begging you,


Why do you have to seek approval from them?

They will never accept you.

You’ll be alone forever.

Why don’t accept the truth?

Why don’t you?

By and large,

If you don’t change your attitude toward yourself,

Treat yourself more kindly,

I will freaking kill you,

Do you understand?

Oh God, I hate myself so much.



Linh hồn trong thế giới ngược

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