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The Cornered Mouse Dreams Of Cheese ; The Carp on the Chopping Block Jumps Twice


For some reasons, I always admire people who can say what they think. That’s why I was so surprised when I heard Imagage said: “Fuck me” to Kyouichi as the same time I realized how much he in love with Kyouichi. Imagage was hopeless in love with Kyouichi. I was suddenly sad whenever I think about it.

“I’ll always love you until I die,”

“I know,”


Everything has two faces. One good and one bad. Imagage loved Kyouichi so much that he always felt insecure, always wanted to monopolize Kyouichi. It wasn’t like Kyouichi didn’t give any effort in their relationship. Somehow, it just went wrong.

“We have come to the dead end. Let’s end it already.”

“Is this my fault that you’re so mess up? I thought I did my best to care for you,”

It’s funny because Kyouichi was similar to Imagege a lot. It wasn’t just Imagage, Kyouichi was super jealous, too. And I think every couple is just like that. They are always a same. Support and make up for their weaknesses. But it’s still funny to imagine that I have another me waiting for me somewhere in this world.

“You’ve got to be kidding…! There is no way in hell I’m kissing a guy with a boyfriend. Break up with him!!”

“Break up with him!!”

“Break up with him… right here! Right now!”

First is denying then running, begging, yelling, hurting, crying and suffering. What’s more? What did Kyouichi had to do to keep Imagage beside him?

“I thought love was suppose to make you happy.”

“Is this love? Really?”

“You always hurt me by your selfish reasons,”

Then Imagage freak out when Kyouichi became serious.

“Cut it out. You moron! You aren’t interested in working things out with me?!”

“I’m so tired. Life is so long. What I’m going to do now?”

Why they loved each other so much and yet they were apart?

“There are more important things in life… than the struggles of love. We’re… too old for this now,”

And then without any promise, they just hold on to the hope.

“Let me see… I’ll buy you a ring. There’s no saying what’ll happen next, but… It’ll be some kind of proof of how much I love you.”

“Are things in life so easily broken? It doesn’t matter.”

“You’ll probably throw me out eventually. Sooner or later, you’ll worn out and leave me for real…”

“That’s okay, I’ll watch you leave…

…. Knowing our loves has died. Since that all, I can do.”



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